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Who is Postalhoot?

Postalhoot is Scooter Tramp is Lael Jensen.

I am 28 years old and I live in Minnesota, USA.

I am funny. Laugh. Now.

I work for the US Postal Service. Fear me.

I am Da Hootman. Therefore, Postalhoot.

I have created 2 new businesses, a private security company and another for chainmail jewelry.

I grew up going to Church, now I’m paying for it. I am a ‘Recovering Christian’ and have chosen to follow Jesus rather than ‘church’.

I help lead a local church youth group, volunteer for Boy Scouts of America, and roam the streets at night looking for people who need to talk to someone.

Recently acquired skills/hobbies include: blogging, guitar, fly fishing, rock climbing, photography, jiu-jitsu.

Longstanding skills/hobbies include: reading, exploring outdoors, camping, hiking, biking, running… I eat a lot.


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  1. “I am a ‘Recovering Christian’ and have chosen to follow Jesus rather than ‘church’.”

    so refreshing! i, too, am a recovering Christian and am trying to follow what Jesus represents. religion should not supersede faith. it’s nice to see some open, spiritual minds out there.

    nice to meet you!

    Comment by puttysauce | October 28, 2007

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