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so many friends/hugs/books, so little time…

what is it about friends that makes life so interesting? how they come and go throughout your life and then for no apparent reason they chuck something new at you? it’s almost like you thought you knew them for a second and then you find out they really do care about you. kind of humbles a guy, don’t it? just when you think you know what’s going on, someone gives you that hug you didn’t know you needed. or tells you to “get your butt over here cuz we need to sit around and do nothing but read books and drink hot tea”. sometimes i really wish i could read people’s thoughts. and then i think better of that idea… life is more interesting when you don’t know! whoa, it’s like 330am and i have to work soon. there just isn’t enough time to do all the things i wanna do. i have been constantly adding to my stack of books to read and trying to make a mental list of things i would like to write about and places i want to take my camera or friends i want to see and spend time with and talk with and things i would love to learn more about and new things i would like to try if i had the money… if only we puny humans didn’t need (or like) sleep so much. but, just like everyone else in the history of the world, i still have the same number of minutes as everyone else. it’s only a matter of what i do with my time.

“for all the points of the compass, there is but one direction… and time is it’s only measure.” –rosencrantz/gildenstern (i don’t know which one of them said it and neither do they)


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Needs a Life

Yup. I need a life. Or maybe that’s not it, maybe I just need a better schedule? It’s 1am and I’m perusing through my old posts on here. Just reminiscing about my wonderful trials and triumphs… Care to join me? I’ll be here a while…

Also, if anyone wants to buy my piano, just shoot me an e-mail or something…
Cable-Nelson Upright Grand (circa early 1900’s)
(not the shorter cheap rip-off Spinet, we’re talking full 88 keys wide and up to your head height)
Strauch Brothers action board with “Highest Award” plaque from 1893 Columbian Exposition
Detailed scrollwork in great condition
Locking keyboard covering
Real Ivory keys, have 8 of the 9 that came off
5 hammers broke off, have all of them
And of course, it will need a tuning…

full view

inner workings, action board, keys

strauch brothers action board

keys and scrollwork

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doomed to repeat

see here for better explanation.

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new stat

lael is doing much better but is super busy.

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Scooter Tramp

so i had this idea (thanks to conversation with a friend), and now i’m seriously debating becoming the futurely-famous Scooter Tramp. yea, allusions to Alexander Super-Tramp intended. click the link (or check out new pages) to keep updated on progress for this idea…

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thinking of making some pretty drastic changes in my life within the next 8-12 months. more later…

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A Hero Comes Home

 although i enjoyed watching the movie Beowulf for the second time, it wasn’t the action that caught me so much as the ending credits. oh don’t get the wrong idea, i loved the movie! but this time i listened to the song at the end. makes for a wonderful poem about the myth of a hero. here’s a link to the music. so close your eyes and listen with that part of your heart that stirs for adventure. unless of course, you’re a couch potato…

A Hero Comes Home
by Idina Menzel


Out of the mist of history he’ll come again

Sailing on ships across the sea to a wounded nation

Signs of a savior

Like fire on the water

It’s what we’ve prayed for

One of our own

Just wait, though wide he may roam

Always a hero comes home

He goes where no one has gone

But always a hero comes home


Deep in the heart of darkness sparks a dream of light

Surrounded by hopelessness he finds the will to fight

There’s no surrender

Always remember

It doesn’t end here

We’re not alone

Just wait, though wide he may roam

Always a hero comes home

He goes where no one has gone

But always a hero comes home


And he will come again on crimson tide

Dead or alive

And even though we know

The bridge has burned

He will return

He will return

Just wait, though wide he may roam

Always a hero comes home

He knows of places unknown

But always a hero comes home


Someday a name carved in stone

A hero comes home

He goes and comes back alone

But always a hero comes home

Just wait, though wide he may roam

Always a hero comes home


The important thing to remember about any story where you fight a dragon is not that you’re telling people that dragons are real, but you’re telling people that dragons can be defeated. And that is a huge true thing and it’s something that should never be forgotten. -Neil Gaiman (writer for Beowulf)

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So You Don’t Want to go to Church Anymore?

when she gave me the book i was, needless to say, slightly offended and put off. i had no idea what point she could possibly be trying to make besides noticing i’ve dropped off of regular sunday attendence and wanted me to get back in church.

so i took the book graciously and then went home and put it on a shelf. and there it sat looking at me with it’s guilt-ridden cover and judgemental pages for almost 3 months…

then i started reading.

i suppose i should have paced myself a bit better because once i began reading, all the lessons seemed to flow freely and i felt like someone had talked with me and finally put into words what i’ve been trying to figure out for a few years. it was overload and i’ll have to go back and reread it all. i was surprised to discover that the title was intentionally (and very significantly) misleading. i was so excited!! here was a book that was actually confirming thoughts and feelings that i’ve had about church and it wasn’t telling me i was wrong! didn’t judge me, didn’t tell me to get back in church, didn’t tell me i was going to hell for not attending any church.

at that point i wondered if my mother had even read the book and knew what it was about… i was certain the message it was giving me was not what she had intended!

all in all, it was a good read with many points to ponder. i hope to have new discussions with new people as i continue to live in Christ rather than act on a stage. feel free to discuss this if you are interested at all. email me (postalhoot at yahoo) or contact via fbook.


ps: this post was not intended to be a summary of the book, although some of it’s lessons will no doubt be referenced in future posts. the book, so you don’t want to go to church anymore?, might also go well with blue like jazz.

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Flying Lessons

Rarely do things in life ever come to a point when everything is fine and dandy. Orderly. Up-swing. There are moments of course, but the average slacks. Managable would be a good day. Most often it’s a checklist of madatories and obligatories. Shoulds and should nots. Condescension if not completed. Slight nod if satisfactory. Guilty usually.

Oh, to remember the days when ‘underwhelmed’ was not a made-up word, when it was actually a reality… Will those days ever return?

Where’s the boy who used to run?
Could it be he’s up and gone away?
Seems so far away…
And all the things I could have done,
Could it be they’ve up and gone away?
Seems so far away…
-Hoobastank, ‘Up and Gone Away’

To push that button.
To make that cut.
To throw that punch.
To step onto that train.
Or off of it.
To come to that fork in the road and take it.
Or say ‘screw it, I’m going offroad.’

I have come that you may have life, abundant life! -Jesus, John 10:10
If you wait til conditions are perfect, you’ll never take the training wheels off. -Fortune cookie
Life is a daring adventure, or else nothing. -Helen Keller
If it’s always complicated, why not dive in anyway? -laj
Straitjackets impede flying. -laj

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Scars for sale?

What is it with scars? Do we want them or not? What do they say about us? And what does that really prove anyway?

Sometimes it seems we can’t stop showing them off. Mine is bigger/bloodier/more dangerous than yours is. But my story is cooler… hype it up until it’s no longer even human. The purpose of sharing scars can’t only be to brag about whose is bigger or badder. So what is the real reason for sharing? And how do you share your scars correctly? As a warning? As advice? As proof or evidence? Simply a cool story?

Sometimes we hide them. What would make us embarrassed or ashamed of some scars while wanting to flaunt others? Scars are scars, right? Physical, emotional, spiritual, financial, whatever. They all hurt at the time they occurred right? So what’s changed? We hide them because they can be pricked easily when exposed, causing pain all over again.

Do they say that we are more of a man? Or even more human? Or that we are stronger than someone else? Strikes me that if you were so great and mighty in the first place you wouldn’t have a big ol scar running down your face… does it just prove you could withstand the pain? Well, so did the people that are hiding their scars. Is this a purely masculine issue or feminine or maybe both?

Are we supposed to be proud of our scars? Or just ignore them? If they were the result of mistakes then we should learn from them. But why would some hide scars that others would brag openly about? Do they prove patriotism? Love? Loyalty? Strength? Stupidity? Weakness? Mortality?

To top it off, who would fake having a scar? Or even give themselves one for the sake of some previous question? Do we secretly have this underlying need for sympathy of some sort that would lead us to exaggerate or embellish or even fake the scars we carry to gain attention that might justify our actions or causes if not to the world then at least to ourselves?

Scars are souvenirs you never lose. The past is never far. –Goo Goo Dolls ‘Name’
Scars serve to remind us that the past was real and actually happened to us. –Overheard somewhere

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yea, about that whole absent thing. just got a little busy with work and friends and figured i would spend time there instead of in the interweb. whatever, so to catch up on things a bit: chasing down plans to build a rock climbing wall in town for local/state use, going on a photoventure at a nearby state park tomorrow, just worked 2 weeks straight (quite an accomplishment being that i ussually only work once or twice a week), researching lasik eye surgery (here or here) cuz i’ve never really liked being restricted by glasses. time to go eat some pizza and watch a movie. healthy, i know…

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The Internet Changed My Life!

I have been slowly easing my way into the many things the internet has to offer. I mean, of course everyone nowadays has e-mail and knows how to surf the net for information they need. But I’m talking about actually immersing myself in the more connective and life-stretching aspects of having a blog, making purchases online and managing a Facebook account. Those are things I wouldn’t have really thought too much about a year ago. But I think the time has come for them to make their appearances in my life so I can give them a legitimate chance to prove their worth.

Blogging has opened up new doors to how I can communicate what is happening in my life. I have never been one for volunteering info that actually means anything to relationship building. I can spout out funny statements and random facts or just keep asking enough questions that no one asks me any. This has led to building tough walls that have been hard to break down. Blogging here has helped in getting some of the things out into the open that I would normally not have shared with anyone at all.

Perhaps the least pertinant of these internet intrigues is my recent purchasing of various paraphenalia via webstores. I guess I just never really trusted the whole process for reasons of financial security. But also, I have a hard time buying something after seeing a 1-inch picture and 2-sentence bogus description. I like to see and hold and ask questions about the items I exchange for the money I’ve earned. In direct contrast to that preference, the idea of saving gas money driving to the stores and not having to pay inflated middleman charges has led to me taking some chances online. The results have been positive for sure. I bought some of my Christmas presents from REI online and rock climbing equipment from Metolius. Researching Nicros online has even led to a promising exchange of planning ideas for building a climbing wall in my town.

As for Facebook, I was most reluctant to join the bandwagon for simple reasons of not wanting to be obligated to update every minute detail of my mundane life to people I hardly talk to in the first place. However, my involvement with the youth in my area has led me to believe that there are major benefits to stepping out in faith. In a tricky exchange of trusting with others online, I have allowed some areas of my life to be known and also am able to learn more about them. Posting information and communicating with my ‘friends’ has been made immensely easier by using Facebook.

Who knows what the future holds for the internet and web 2.0, but hopefully I can continue to find new ways to use tools in helping enrich my life and others around me.

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Time’s Up

I was just pondering that the most deceiving time is that of ’15 minutes before the hour’. it is misleading enough to make you think that you have enough time to do something before time is up. say you need to be somewhere at 630 and the time says 545. you see 5– and the rest doesn’t register so you automatically assume you have more than an hour since you aren’t required until half past the next hour.

there’s something to be said there about two things. the first thing i notice is that the problem stems from assuming. assuming is bad, end of story. The second problem is procrastination. i think we all know enough about that.

add those two problems together and you suddenly get a recipe for lots of problems. i think it’s amazing how the power of those elements coupled with the factor of time propels that into the relative realm rather than the literal. the idea of being late for something because you assumed or procrastinated.

i’m still kicking myself for things i’ve missed out on because of this. there is one in particular that i do not want to let slip. the hard part is just trying to figure out when the time is ’15 minutes before the hour’. hopefully then i will realize what that time truly means and take the necessary actions. i don’t want to miss out on this again.

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New Hobbies, Jobs, and Volunteering

Long introduction made short: My sister helped the local high school put on a production of Peter Pan about 6 years ago. Her involvement paved the way for my recent rock climbing adventures this summer. She purchased quite a bit of equipment needed for the pirates to rapel from the catwalks into the aisles of the auditorium. They screamed and “Arrg”-ed the whole way down, effectively freaking out the audience and scaring a bunch of kids (some actually cried)! After the musical had run its course, the climbing equipment got stashed away in a plastic bin and forgotten…

New hobby: So this spring I was looking for some good deals on gear and thought of the high school drama department as they hadn’t used the stuff in 6 years and seemed a waste. The director actually gave me a complete set of the gear as thanks for my sister’s involvement and I purchased the rest at a fraction of the original cost. My interest in the stuff sparked his interest in my interest. That got a brainstorming ball rolling and he decided to hire my services for the coming musical, Beauty and the Beast this fall.

I spent the summer enjoying use of my newly acquired equipment. I led climbing expeditions for my friends and family and had a blast learning and teaching some new skills. Around September, Mr. Director called me up and asked if I was still interested and I accepted the new job.

New job: From September through November I worked many evenings with the drama department and the students at rehearsals. My part was primarily giving a frightening and dramatic entrance for the Beast when he appears a couple of times. My job was to accomplish this in an OSHA safe manner that also put Mr. Director at peace. I assured him that it was a safe process providing that the Beast could follow specific directions and have a lot of trust/guts…

Beast lived up to and exceeded expectations in playing his character. Our two entrances were in pretty cool and terrifying; big hairy-scary beast climbing around on the outside of the catwalks and then leaping to the stage 30 feet below! We got a number of screams from the younger members of the audience (I was so proud of my little prodigy)!

On “crew night” all of the backstage cast are recognized for their efforts during the intermission. My brother and I decided to rapel down to the line-up with style. Of course I was dressed as a ninja should be, mask and all… It was great!

Whenever the cast receives a standing ovation, whether deservedly or by way of parents and friends and generally courteous and supportive small town, tradition calls for what is known as “The Boogaloo”. All the cast members (after greeting all the audience after the show) rush back onto the stage and begin to chant for Mr. Director. When he arrives he leads them in a crazy dance which ends with everyone falling on their behinds.

After one particular performance the chanting began as usual, but Mr. Director was slow in appearing. The chanting continued… And then from up in the catwalks, using the gear the Beast had used, he descended to the stage gaining cheers from everyone! At his request, I held him at 3 feet above the stage and he led the Boogaloo dance suspended. With the final move I dropped him onto his butt to join the others laughing and smiling. It is important to note that this guy is not exactly a young man and is getting close to retirement. He’s also deathly afraid of heights and has only done this sort of thing one other time (my sister pulled the same stunt). It was a musical experience to remember!

New volunteering: Getting involved with the high school musical was a double bonus for me. It was an added source of some income and also enabled me to connect with some of the kids from our youth group. Contact work is important in anyone’s life but especially during high school years. Teenagers need to know that there are people (besides family and peers) involved in their lives that care about them. Our goals to offer leadership, guidance, and friendship to these kids is key in them developing skills and confidence of their own to carry into their futures.

Being around all of these youngsters triggered a confirmation that this is a calling I have. I decided that it was time to really begin and step up to that call. I jumped through the necessary bureaucratic hoops to get myself a photo ID pass to give me access to all the public schools in our district. Now I can come and go without worry of being forced to play 20-questions with the hallway security. I even have legitimate cover stories and training on how to avoid getting trapped and kicked out. It’s almost as bad as missionaries having to jump hoops and play into other roles in order to get into some countries with the Gospel. The difference is that I don’t run as high a risk of being shot if my cover is blown… Thank God for that!

In addition to “helping patrol lunches and hallways”, I “run errands for teachers” and “tutor and monitor after-school study sessions”. All of this is helpful for the school of course, but the main reason is simply to get myself involved in these kids’ lives and be available when they need help or advice or just a friend to talk to about junk.

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A New Post

So I haven’t written anything in a while. Oh well. I’ll get back to it I guess. I’ve been kinda busy and there are things I want to write. I just haven’t had the time to immerse myself in the internet when people and schedules required me to be in this world instead…

Coming soon would be:
-a summary of my involvement with the musical “Beauty and the Beast” at our high school
-a courtroom drama experience (or rather, a dissappointing lack of drama)
-new Bible study groups I’ve tried recently
-and something else that I just forgot because the Bou barista just interupted my train of thought…

Thanksgiving is coming! Whoop-dee-doo. At the moment I’m just not feeling very thankful about where my life has been this year and where it could be headed. This will take another pondering to sort out for sure though. Maybe I’m just frustrated at the holidays in general and the idea that we should all feel thankful on command just because it’s a certain date. Or giving. Or lovey-dovey. Or pious…

I am the way I am and God loves me for that. He can pull me through this, even with me kicking and screaming, fighting Him the whole way. In the end, I trust that I can be thankful for the correct things in life…

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