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so many friends/hugs/books, so little time…

what is it about friends that makes life so interesting? how they come and go throughout your life and then for no apparent reason they chuck something new at you? it’s almost like you thought you knew them for a second and then you find out they really do care about you. kind of humbles a guy, don’t it? just when you think you know what’s going on, someone gives you that hug you didn’t know you needed. or tells you to “get your butt over here cuz we need to sit around and do nothing but read books and drink hot tea”. sometimes i really wish i could read people’s thoughts. and then i think better of that idea… life is more interesting when you don’t know! whoa, it’s like 330am and i have to work soon. there just isn’t enough time to do all the things i wanna do. i have been constantly adding to my stack of books to read and trying to make a mental list of things i would like to write about and places i want to take my camera or friends i want to see and spend time with and talk with and things i would love to learn more about and new things i would like to try if i had the money… if only we puny humans didn’t need (or like) sleep so much. but, just like everyone else in the history of the world, i still have the same number of minutes as everyone else. it’s only a matter of what i do with my time.

“for all the points of the compass, there is but one direction… and time is it’s only measure.” –rosencrantz/gildenstern (i don’t know which one of them said it and neither do they)


November 6, 2010 - Posted by | All My Thinks, Life Thinks

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