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Needs a Life

Yup. I need a life. Or maybe that’s not it, maybe I just need a better schedule? It’s 1am and I’m perusing through my old posts on here. Just reminiscing about my wonderful trials and triumphs… Care to join me? I’ll be here a while…

Also, if anyone wants to buy my piano, just shoot me an e-mail or something…
Cable-Nelson Upright Grand (circa early 1900’s)
(not the shorter cheap rip-off Spinet, we’re talking full 88 keys wide and up to your head height)
Strauch Brothers action board with “Highest Award” plaque from 1893 Columbian Exposition
Detailed scrollwork in great condition
Locking keyboard covering
Real Ivory keys, have 8 of the 9 that came off
5 hammers broke off, have all of them
And of course, it will need a tuning…

full view

inner workings, action board, keys

strauch brothers action board

keys and scrollwork


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