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this week has been crazy with ideas for this fall running wild through my head. i’ve run this stuff by a few people so far. the lists keep getting longer and more confusing for all the logistics needed to make this work. rent payments, health insurance, cell phone, one job, possibly two jobs, two cars, churches, relationships, living arrangments, food costs, safety concerns, consequences, rewards, everything. it’s exciting. all of my planning, scheming, dreaming, feels pretty good right now. but the one person that i really want to talk about this with is gone.

so what good is it all if the person you want to share it with chooses a different road? how good can a dream really be if the dream is conditional? if it includes a clause that only by it’s inclusion can bring about the maximum? am i setting myself up for a failed mission? who knows. but i limp on, knowing that the dream is crippled, but knowing more that this dream is vital.


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Scooter Tramp

so i had this idea (thanks to conversation with a friend), and now i’m seriously debating becoming the futurely-famous Scooter Tramp. yea, allusions to Alexander Super-Tramp intended. click the link (or check out new pages) to keep updated on progress for this idea…

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