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Flying Lessons

Rarely do things in life ever come to a point when everything is fine and dandy. Orderly. Up-swing. There are moments of course, but the average slacks. Managable would be a good day. Most often it’s a checklist of madatories and obligatories. Shoulds and should nots. Condescension if not completed. Slight nod if satisfactory. Guilty usually.

Oh, to remember the days when ‘underwhelmed’ was not a made-up word, when it was actually a reality… Will those days ever return?

Where’s the boy who used to run?
Could it be he’s up and gone away?
Seems so far away…
And all the things I could have done,
Could it be they’ve up and gone away?
Seems so far away…
-Hoobastank, ‘Up and Gone Away’

To push that button.
To make that cut.
To throw that punch.
To step onto that train.
Or off of it.
To come to that fork in the road and take it.
Or say ‘screw it, I’m going offroad.’

I have come that you may have life, abundant life! -Jesus, John 10:10
If you wait til conditions are perfect, you’ll never take the training wheels off. -Fortune cookie
Life is a daring adventure, or else nothing. -Helen Keller
If it’s always complicated, why not dive in anyway? -laj
Straitjackets impede flying. -laj


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