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Scars for sale?

What is it with scars? Do we want them or not? What do they say about us? And what does that really prove anyway?

Sometimes it seems we can’t stop showing them off. Mine is bigger/bloodier/more dangerous than yours is. But my story is cooler… hype it up until it’s no longer even human. The purpose of sharing scars can’t only be to brag about whose is bigger or badder. So what is the real reason for sharing? And how do you share your scars correctly? As a warning? As advice? As proof or evidence? Simply a cool story?

Sometimes we hide them. What would make us embarrassed or ashamed of some scars while wanting to flaunt others? Scars are scars, right? Physical, emotional, spiritual, financial, whatever. They all hurt at the time they occurred right? So what’s changed? We hide them because they can be pricked easily when exposed, causing pain all over again.

Do they say that we are more of a man? Or even more human? Or that we are stronger than someone else? Strikes me that if you were so great and mighty in the first place you wouldn’t have a big ol scar running down your face… does it just prove you could withstand the pain? Well, so did the people that are hiding their scars. Is this a purely masculine issue or feminine or maybe both?

Are we supposed to be proud of our scars? Or just ignore them? If they were the result of mistakes then we should learn from them. But why would some hide scars that others would brag openly about? Do they prove patriotism? Love? Loyalty? Strength? Stupidity? Weakness? Mortality?

To top it off, who would fake having a scar? Or even give themselves one for the sake of some previous question? Do we secretly have this underlying need for sympathy of some sort that would lead us to exaggerate or embellish or even fake the scars we carry to gain attention that might justify our actions or causes if not to the world then at least to ourselves?

Scars are souvenirs you never lose. The past is never far. –Goo Goo Dolls ‘Name’
Scars serve to remind us that the past was real and actually happened to us. –Overheard somewhere


June 2, 2008 - Posted by | All My Thinks

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