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Time’s Up

I was just pondering that the most deceiving time is that of ’15 minutes before the hour’. it is misleading enough to make you think that you have enough time to do something before time is up. say you need to be somewhere at 630 and the time says 545. you see 5– and the rest doesn’t register so you automatically assume you have more than an hour since you aren’t required until half past the next hour.

there’s something to be said there about two things. the first thing i notice is that the problem stems from assuming. assuming is bad, end of story. The second problem is procrastination. i think we all know enough about that.

add those two problems together and you suddenly get a recipe for lots of problems. i think it’s amazing how the power of those elements coupled with the factor of time propels that into the relative realm rather than the literal. the idea of being late for something because you assumed or procrastinated.

i’m still kicking myself for things i’ve missed out on because of this. there is one in particular that i do not want to let slip. the hard part is just trying to figure out when the time is ’15 minutes before the hour’. hopefully then i will realize what that time truly means and take the necessary actions. i don’t want to miss out on this again.


January 6, 2008 - Posted by | All My Thinks

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