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Gettin’ Dizzy Wit It

I recently discovered that our small town in the ‘burbs of the ‘burbs has just gained exotic status… While out delivering mail on a sort of new route, I came across an ingenious transportation phenomenon called a roundabout. I suppose these aren’t exactly a new occurance in the world but they are rare for me to come by in my normal travels. I have actually only seen them in places far from my home, different states, countries, and continents. So I was a little surprised when I saw the strange little sign with dashed arrows in a circle telling me the road ahead was wierd-shaped. It actually threw me for a loop momentarily (pun intended). But after recovering my wits, I navigated the maze successfully and realized that was fun! It was so much fun that I went around and around and around again laughing out the window like a maniac! I just hope that no one was watching out their windows witnessing their loony mailman going in circles (think Jim Carrey in Truman Show)…


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Down is the New Up

Today I ate my sandwich upside-down.

I was curiously surprised by the amount of concentration it now took to maintain the new sandwich orientation. Breaking a lifelong habit can be hard sometimes and I was taken aback by the difficulty involved in a simple sandwich.

I’m sure there are valuable life lessons to be learned through this dramatic experience but it was still a tasty sandwich nonetheless…

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Quittin’ ain’t always a bad thing.

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Bogus Banning

It seems that kids can no longer be kids anymore! Schools around the nation are beginning to ban regular schoolyard games such as Tag, Touch Football, even Soccer. Boston, Cheyenne, Spokane, Charleston, Wichita, San Jose, Beaverton, and Rancho Santa Fe are among the schools that have already banned kid games and there will be more to follow I’m sure.

This is so bizarre, there’s just too much to say. It makes me mad that a bunch of adults who have their own unresolved childhood issues are passing down their insecurities to not only their own children, but others as well. Seriously folks, what’s happening here?! Fear of self-esteem issues? Kids getting hurt? Someone having an argument on the rules? Hello? These are just regular parts of a kid’s life. You can’t take that away or the consequences will be costly in the future. If they don’t learn how to develope some key skills in dealing with reality and life in general, what sort of a future generation do you expect to get?

FoxNews wrote an article on the possibility of Tag creating some self-esteem issues for the person being “it”. USA Today wrote on physical dangers thereby justifying banning Tag and Soccer. MSNBC on says the schools ruled out all unsupervised chase games during recess on the grounds that “accidents can happen.”

Maybe we should focus on banning the color pink in Merrillville to crack down on gangs? Or when that doesn’t work, banning baggy pants in Shreveport, Alexandria, Delcambre, Atlanta, and New Orleans…? The fines range anywhere from $25 to $500 or 6-months in jail. Wow, now that’s funny.

Or perhaps a real issue like dealing with the Choking Game trend among kids under 18. Kids are seeking a “safe high” (450 victims, 300 in the US) through playing a game more dangerous than tag. Let’s deal with real issues people, not Tag.

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