Thinks on Things

A gathering of ponderings…


Straining relationships
Working 2 jobs
Volunteering for 2-3 other programs
Attempting to finish moving in 3 days
Attempting to finish fixing the new place in 3 days
Parking ticket Thursday
Speeding ticket Saturday
Citation for amber lights on top of car Saturday
Headache for 2 days
Lack of sleep

There is much more to write about stress in general but honestly I’m just plumb-tuckered out and sick of explaining things to people who don’t really care beyond hoping they aren’t causing me more stress… Yea, that’s all I have time for tonight. Sorry, folks… that’s if there really is anyone out there. Which actually makes only a little difference anyway as this is simply a place for me to Think on Things. You should feel so priviledged to know even a small part of it.


August 27, 2007 - Posted by | All My Thinks

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