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It’s raining pretty!

I unpacked the chair and sat down to watch the fireworks. I had just joined my parents after their return from visiting relatives. We caught up on each others’ doings and had settled in to enjoy the festivities. With the huge Target store behind us and a wide open field before us our view was not a bad one. The distance was in my opinion just about right; there has to be a certain amount of delay between seeing the firework explode and anticipating the impending boom!

The test shots had been fired and revealed that it was indeed dark enough to begin the show. As the families on either side of us shifted seats and lowered their conversations, the real action began. Huge colorful displays with excellent sounds! We all ‘ooohed’ and ‘aaahed’ as the night lit up with colors flying all around the sky. Sizzling orange fizzlers, screeching bright flashes, red/white/blue combos, and giant blue and purple umbrellas opening with a bang!

And a small child’s voice cut through the chaos as turned to his mother. ‘Look,’ he said with awe, pointing across the plain, ‘It’s raining pretty!’ And it was. For a short time that night it had rained pretty. And he had seen it for the beauty it was to his innocent eyes and untested mind.

God, may I learn to see the beauty that is in my life all around me. Don’t let me be overrun by the coming darkness of night. May I learn to see again as a child sees. Help me to see it raining pretty in my world.


July 6, 2007 - Posted by | All My Thinks

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  1. thanks for your encouraging words on my blog…
    I love the wisdom of children!… this is great!

    Comment by thirdfloorthoughts | July 9, 2007

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