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Real News!

Easter Sunday, April 8th, 2007, I was baptized as a public proclamation of my desire to be truly and completely devoted to God!

See photos here.


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More nothings I have to say

Pondering advice given by various peoples:

Life goes on whether you’re ready for it or not.

Any decision is better than no decision. (Is this just a euphemism for saying you made the wrong decision?)

Time heals all wounds.

Just trust God, He knows what He’s doing.

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I have nothing to say

Wow, does that mean I’m speechless? I wonder what could have brought that on? But it would be wise to note that simply not saying anything does not imply lack of thought on things… Too deep? Just read it again, it will make sense eventually.

News: I finished my “Work Week from Iowa”, which was actually about a month long and not really in Iowa… I have spent the last few days catching up on sleep and attempting to read some new books.

News: I got bombarded by sermons last weekend:
1. Saturday night service at a cool new church for struggling addicts in our community. Sermon was about how to rise above people rubbing you the wrong way. This seemed to contradict what I’ve been learning from other people on actually expressing my feelings and getting them into the open.
2. Sunday morning was obviously Palm Sunday. With a different spin that maybe I hadn’t thought about before that much. Talked about how all the people were excited for Jesus’ arrival, waving branches, shouting praises, bowing down, etc. All for the king they thought would save them… They completely missed the point. Yes, they were doing the correct things but really didn’t know it. Ignorant people with incorrect expectations. Ironic how Jesus eventually did fulfill what they were looking for (King, Savior, etc) but not how they were expecting…
3. Sunday night was a trip to a MegaRally with the Youth Group. Watched an amusing actor/comedian portraying the many pictures of God that we carry in our minds. Got me thinking about how I might be picturing God and whether or not my photo is incorrect… More on that later I hope.

News: Thinking of going to Boot Camp this May…

News: I am 9000 days old today! Happy Birthday to me!

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