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Nibbled to Death by Ducks

Alright I know I’m a lunatic when it comes to doing stupid things. Like pretending I know how to ski like a Olympic Champion and attempt a 360-degree jump without breaking my neck and actually landing it? Or how about barreling down a steep hill on a bike while dodging trees and rocks and cement walls with exposed rebar? Or taking a blind running leap from a 15-foot hay loft in the dark simply to avoid being tagged in a game?

So why does it seem that, while never breaking any of my bones in all my life, I seem to get all of the little sized injuries? Does anyone else get physically hurt like this so easily?It’s backwards isn’t it? It seems that I am the only one I know who is always slamming fingers in cupboard doors or banging shins on table legs or slicing a finger with X-Acto knives or getting stabbed with staples? Or finding the only exposed metal on the base of the couch the only time I choose to go barefoot in my room and cause a 3-inch gash along the side of my foot?

Does anyone else have this happen to people all the time? Or do they just not say anything about it? Why do I feel like these are are really attacks of some kind rather than simple oversights or coincidences? I feel like I could seriously go “kill a lion in a pit on a snowy day” like Benaiah but I would probably trip on a rock on my way out or pinch my thumb while sheathing my knife or anything equally as stupid. Like I could survive countless nuclear missile attacks but be leveled by a common cold germ as in War of the Worlds.

John Eldredge says in Wild at Heart that one thing men desprately need is to be tested in a conflict or battle of some sort to know that they have what it takes. Sort of a validation of being a man by passing a test. I say bring on the tests! But it’s the homework that will fail me out of the class.

I think I’m getting angry at being hurt. I can do some pretty big things and not get hurt at all but I have a gnawing feeling that the seemingly harmless and preventable annoyances will eventually be the death of me.


January 31, 2007 - Posted by | All My Thinks

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