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$6.022×10^23 Question

My name is Lael Andrew Jensen and someday I could be king.

Let’s set the stage first and break this down by technical definitions. By looking at names I am Hebrew, Greek, and Danish.

Lael is a Hebrew given name meaning “devoted to God”. It is a Biblical male name (Numbers 3:24) occasionally used for girls and doesn’t even rank on the popularity charts of the US Census on this site. There is, however, a Bible college in Missouri bearing the name.

Andrew is the English form of a Greek given name meaning “manly” or “warrior”. Since the 1990s it has been among the top-ten most popular names for boys. This counteracts the lack of familiarity my first name has.

Jensen is a Scandinavian surname with a Danish ending (“-en”) meaning “son of Jens”. It is the most common surname in Denmark where it is shared by about 6% of the population. It is a surname but it cannot be mine as my father is Russell, not Jens. But since Russell is either Scottish or French, the Danish ending “-en” would have to be converted to “-on” to avoid mixed nationalities in the same name. Therefore I should properly be called Russellson.

Getting into actual relatives’ bloodlines we can travel throughout many European countries. I don’t know for certain but included would most likely be the typical Hienz 57 varieties: England, a smidgen of Scotland, Ireland, throw in some France, a bit of Spain, perhaps Germany, Denmark, maybe some Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, a dash of Finland… That’s about as far East as I’m willing to venture with limited accuracy.

Some notable histoical figures in my lineage include:
1) On my father’s side- Sir Walter Raleigh, 1552-1618; English writer, poet, coutrier, explorer, conqueror. Explorer to North and South America, founder of the historical and mysterious Roanoke Island, imprisoned for forbidden romance with the Queen Elizabeth’s lady-in-waiting, wrote a historical account of ancient Greece and Rome, sentenced to life in prison in the Tower of London for supposed treason against King James, and eventually (perhaps unnecessarily) beheaded for sacking a Spanish outpost shortly after his release. Born into nobility, honored through knighthood, dishonored pursuing love, favor restored, loosely convicted and imprisoned, and triumphant at his death, saying of the axe, “This is a sharp medicine, but it is a physician for all diseases.” His last words were, “Strike man, strike!”
2) On my mother’s side- Elizabeth Blackwell 1821-1910; English born, abolishionist, women’s rights activist, doctor, teacher. First woman physician and doctor in both America and England, founded an infirmary and medical college for women in both New York City and London, and wrote a sex education guide.

So here I am today. Heir of legendary nobility and famous contributors to world history, mixed with countless European nationalities, donning an incorrect Hebrew-Greek-Danish name of contradictions and impossibilies…

I am truly a work of art. My one question (and this is worth more than a million dollars, Regis), is how many steps removed am I from inheriting the throne of any country in my heritage?

Does anyone reading this know any part of their history or lineage and care to share?


January 14, 2007 - Posted by | All My Thinks


  1. This is just a test to see if commenting works, as I have received news of possible malfuctions…


    Comment by postalhoot | January 14, 2007

  2. Lael, I find genealogy incredibly interesting, probably because my grandmother traced ours so far back that I can hardly remember. It’s just cool to see who you are related to and then learn more about what they did.

    BTW–thanks for dropping by my site now and then. It’s nice to have new people drop by.

    Comment by bjerktree | January 16, 2007

  3. Hey B,

    Thanks for your input. Do you have access to your family tree? Are there any interesting people of note? I just had an update from my parents letting me know that I forgot to mention our relation to Betsy Ross (first American flag designer). Wow, it just keeps getting more and more interesting…


    Comment by postalhoot | January 19, 2007

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