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Random Belated Holiday Ramblings

Well… Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s. They’ve all come and gone and now we eagerly look forward to what, President’s Day?

But seriously, I’m glad these ‘Happy Holidays’ are over. Now I can maybe get back to the introspection and not have to be all smiley for everyone. Really, you have no idea how exhausting it can be to entertain 75 junior and senior highers for a New Year’s Eve all-night lock-in! Not only was it draining for the simple physical limitations but also mentally and emotionally.

Isn’t the ‘Holiday Season’ supposed to be happy and cheerful? So am I a bad person if I don’t feel like that? Am I a badder person for pretending to be?

Really I can’t say that I enjoyed this season. The weather was pretty lousy! If it hadn’t snowed on Dec 31 we would have entered 2007 with no snow on the ground and temperatures in the 30’s. Global warming? Or just an overly creative and cynically depressed imagination?

I can’t believe how horribly I’ve treated one of my friends. I’m pretty much the worst person I know. Probably the worst person you know, but you don’t really know it. Go figure. I wonder if I’m just rubbing off on people and ruining their Holiday experiences as well.

New Year’s resolutions:
1. Re-establish tithing habits.
2. Continue conversing with God.
3. Be real.

Sorry that this was all so random but really who cares? Life isn’t organized how we would like it anyway so why should my blog have to be…?


January 4, 2007 - Posted by | All My Thinks

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  1. random thoughts and random blogs are as necessary as random movie quotes…

    like your little manifesto on the side, your about me… i think we would get along…


    Comment by thirdfloorthoughts | January 4, 2007

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