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Christmas Post

No, I’m not talking about the ‘Festivus aluminum pole’… But like a pole, this Christmas post has two points:

1) My family’s Christmas get-together was typical for the most part. There were two major changes however: my sister was absent (stranded in drowning Seattle), and we read the Christmas story from the Bible for the first time ever. To my knowledge this has never been done by my family as a Christmas tradition (or even not as tradition…). I will take credit (humbly, or course) for initiating this new family tradition. Perhaps it will lead to other more relevant traditions in the future that may help to edify real spirituality through the holidays.

2) Question from Youth Group: Put yourself in Joseph’s place. What would you do if your fiancee showed up pregnant and you knew you weren’t responsible? Would you:
a. Have her stoned? (which was permissible by law at that time)
b. Beat her until she told you who was responsible?
c. Not let it bother you?
d. Give her the cold shoulder?
e. Tell everyone that you are the true father and marry her? (aka: fake it)
f. Ask God to give you wisdom?
g. Something not listed above. (Explain)

I think my response would be a combination of c/e/f. In private it would probably hurt but in public I would probably end up faking it (I’m good at that sort of thing). I would try to not let it bother me and believe what she said was true, ‘It was God’. And I would try to remember to ask God about it all but in reality it would most likely end up me telling God things and not being able to hear Him through the noise.

What about you? 1) New/old Christmas traditions? 2)Joseph’s septolemma?


December 29, 2006 - Posted by | All My Thinks

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