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I like puzzles and favorite numbers provide a wonderful release for this. People have favorite numbers that they tend to see or remember through repetition and power of suggestion or even by searching for it or creating it. These numbers may have special meaning to the person or they may not, but seeing it or recognizing it strikes something inside people. Some call it irony or fate or funny or deja-vu or whatever. I liken it to finding a new puzzle piece and learning that it fits my puzzle. Intriguing.

Besides the most obvious revelation in ‘Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’ as 42 being the answer to life, the universe, and everything, here are some other examples of puzzle pieces I’ve seen or created:

-(4=d) + (2=b) = Db = decibel
-1/2 of 42 = 21, commonly known as Freedom Age, when everything is legal (except things that will never be legal whatever your age) (21 is also a significant number because it is half of 42)
-common number in football plays (16…23…42…hike!)
-I weigh roughly 7(21’s) in pounds
-I weigh roughly 3(21’s) in kilograms
-my best friend’s birthday is in the 42nd week of the year
-the weight of the carts where I work
-April 2nd is Reality Day, the day following April Fool’s Day
-April 2nd also happens to be the release date for online plans of an electromagnetic pistol

I could almost make endless connections because it is an ongoing and evolving thing. Celebrities turning 42 years old (my 42nd birthday will be one to remember…), credit card bills totaling $42, road signs, equipment settings, etc… How about you? Do you have favorite numbers with all kinds of puzzles behind them? Or maybe more sightings of 42?


December 29, 2006 - Posted by | All My Thinks

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  1. Check out this whole site dedicated to the number 42!

    Comment by BMNA-310s | July 6, 2007

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